David Beshay

Introducing David Beshay, a Property Partner who brings a wave of enthusiasm, expertise, and exceptional service to the Lakelands real estate market. David’s journey in Lakelands, where he has resided for several years, is characterised by a deep appreciation for the community’s closeness, the magnificent natural environment, and the convenience of local amenities. His affinity for the area is not just professional; it’s personal, making him a genuine advocate for its lifestyle.

Tiffany Beshay

Tiffany Beshay is an emerging property professional in the northern Mandurah area who is currently applying for her real estate license.
Despite only recently joining the industry, Ms Beshay has intimate real estate experience supporting her husband David Beshay, who is a renowned Agency Property Partner.
The pair share a deep connection to the Lakelands area where they have lived for many years and together raised their Bernese Mountain Dog Lala.

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