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Open negotiations case study Mandurah Real Estate

Openn Negotiations Case Study: Successful Auction Achieving $421,000 Winning Bid from a starting bid of only $320,000

Openn Negotiations, an online auction platform, recently conducted a highly successful auction involving five bidders. The auction showcased the platform’s ability to facilitate a transparent and competitive bidding process. This process resulted in an impressive outcome for the seller. Throughout the auction, participants placed bids, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

Let’s delve into the timeline of the auction and examine the bidding activity of each participant. Each bidder will be identified by their bidder numbers:


The auction proved to be highly successful, with the winning bid surpassing all previous offers and reaching an exceptional price. Openn Negotiations facilitated a transparent and engaging auction experience, allowing bidders to actively participate and vie for the property.

the early stages of openn negotiations bids

The auction commenced with an initial bid of $320,000 from Bidder 9408, on May 2, 2023, at 4:19 PM (AWST). During the auction, intense bidding occurred between Bidder 8697 and Bidder 9378, with each making a series of competitive bids. Eventually, Bidder 8697 won the auction with a bid of $421,000 on May 10, 2023, at 6:39 PM (AWST).

Benefits of Selling Your Mandurah Real Estate through Openn Negotiations:

  1. Increased Competition: Openn Negotiations creates a competitive environment among bidders, leading to potentially higher sale prices. By utilising this platform, you can attract multiple buyers and drive up the price from $320,000 to $421,000. The competitive nature of the auction helps you maximise your return on investment in the Mandurah real estate market.
  2. Transparent Process: Openn Negotiations provides a transparent selling process, showing the bids, bidders’ identities, and offer timestamps. This transparency instills confidence in both you as the seller and potential buyers, fostering trust and credibility throughout the auction. Selling your Mandurah real estate through Openn Negotiations ensures a fair and open process.
  3. Time Efficiency: Selling real estate in Mandurah using traditional methods often involves prolonged negotiations and uncertain timelines. However, Openn Negotiations streamlines the process, setting a specified timeframe for the auction. This time-bound approach accelerates the selling process, eliminating the need for extensive negotiations. This allows you to achieve a swift sale of your property.
  4. Optimal Market Exposure for Mandurah Real Estate: By leveraging the Openn Negotiations platform, you can attract a wide range of potential buyers. The online nature of the auction transcends geographical barriers, ensuring that your property receives optimal market exposure. This increases the chance of finding the right buyer willing to pay a premium price for your Mandurah property.
  5. Competitive Market Value: Openn Negotiations enables you to achieve the true market value by encouraging buyers to bid based on their perception of its worth. The competitive bidding process prompts bidders to carefully evaluate the features, location, and value proposition of your Mandurah property. As a result, the final selling price is a reflection of the property’s fair market value, ensuring a favorable outcome for you as the seller.

frequently asked openn questions

How to prep for final bidding stages

The following 90 second video showing how to bid in the Final Bidding Stage that is taking place at : (It is a must watch to ensure you understand how things work along with a few important reminders):
• It is recommended you bid from a tablet or computer, allowing you to receive phone calls from me that won’t disrupt your bidding
• Make sure your devices are fully charged and you have a strong internet connection
• Every time a bid is made or the minimum bid increment changes, the clock will reset to 2 minutes, allowing all bidders time to bid again
• Bid early or you run the risk of missing out! There is no benefit in waiting until the clock times down as all bids will reset the clock to 2 minutes. Bidding is a two-click process, you can alter the increment or go with the requested minimum amount, then click ‘Set amount’ and finally, ‘Confirm’
• If the negotiation is paused, the agent is either talking with the sellers about reducing the reserve price or helping another qualified bidder so hold tight!


Selling your Mandurah real estate through Openn Negotiations offers numerous benefits, including increased competition, transparency, time efficiency, optimal market exposure, and the ability to achieve a competitive market value. By utilizing this auction platform, you can effectively market your Mandurah property to a wide range of buyers, creating a competitive environment that maximizes your return on investment. Take advantage of Openn Negotiations to secure a successful sale of your Mandurah real estate.


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