Real estate market trends 2024: A Comprehensive Analysis of Properties Listed, Sold, and Top Selling Suburbs

The real estate market is a dynamic landscape, constantly evolving with fluctuations in demand, supply, and buyer preferences. In this blog post, we will explore the latest statistics on properties listed for sale, delve into property sales trends, and unveil the top-selling suburbs in both northern and southern regions.

Properties Listed for Sale: This week, the real estate market boasts an array of options for potential buyers, with 2,121 houses, 1,095 units, and 740 parcels of land available. The total number of listings, combining houses, units, and land, stands at an impressive 3,956 – indicating a bustling market where various property types cater to the diverse needs of prospective homeowners.

Comparison Over Time: Four weeks ago, the market recorded 3,792 total listings, showcasing a steady increase in available properties. However, when we compare this to the same week last year, where the market flourished with 7,143 listings, it becomes evident that market dynamics are subject to external influences.

Property Sales Stats: Analysing the transactions in the past week, a total of 974 properties changed hands, with houses leading the pack at 670, followed by 219 units and 85 parcels of land. This represents a noteworthy increase from four weeks ago, when 603 properties were sold, and a slight dip compared to the same week last year, which saw 888 transactions.

Image captured from the following URL: for the Week ending 11 February 2024

Top Selling Suburbs: For those interested in pinpointing the hottest real estate markets, we’ve compiled a list of the top-selling suburbs in both the northern and southern regions.

North of the River:

  1. Scarborough: 15
  2. East Perth: 14
  3. Ellenbrook: 13
  4. Maylands: 11

South of the River:

  1. Como: 13
  2. Baldivis: 12
  3. Rockingham: 11
  4. South Perth: 11

the real estate market continues to present exciting opportunities for both buyers and sellers. As we navigate the ebb (supply vs demand) and flow of the market, understanding the latest statistics and trends is crucial for making informed decisions. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or invest, staying informed is the key to success in the ever-evolving world of real estate.

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